I am a woman in a leadership position. I have a family and I'm the mother of two children. I am a normal person who makes mistakes as well as someone who has good qualities. I was able to realize some of my dreams and wishes and I was unsuccessful with others, but I'm satisfied with the result. I appreciate that for what it is. I have always tried, if possible, to walk my own path, even at the cost of making mistakes. I made a few of these mistakes, but I learned a lesson from them. It wasn’t always easy. When I let myself listen to the advice from others regarding important things, most the time, it wasn’t right. This experience convinced me that I shouldn’t compare myself with others. Instead I should find what I'm good at and what I enjoy doing. Something that I could do well and also enjoy. And thus, I gain energy, which I can give to others. I know that it’s not possible to do something with 100% percent of one’s energy. You can be great some of the time and some of the time just ease up a bit. It is only important to know what is important for me. For me, it’s my family, work and taking care of myself. I love my work. I've been in corporations for the last twenty years. I learned the difference between management and leadership and what kind of role women play in leading. And also, that is necessary for one to think about one’s self and their balance in life, so that they can continue to be healthy and long-last in a mentally demanding workplace, while maintaining energy.

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Mental balance is important. You can tell by a person’s body language how they feel and probably what they are thinking about. Spending time on activities that are relaxing for you isn’t a waste of time, but instead a piece of the whole, long-term investment into one’s self.

It is very important to make time for yourself and to ponder about what you want, define your priorities and then, organize your time according to these priorities. Topics like motivation, leadership, women in management, careers and others.



Our bodies speak. When we are authentic with ourselves, those around us will somehow believe more in our words. Our inner state of mind reflects on to our outer appearance. On to the expression on our faces, on to the way we hold ourselves, on to our energy and the emotions that we give off. Appearance and possible charisma are the first things that catch the attention of others. Taking care of your body is very important.



I am a woman, who has been in leadership positions in American, corporation companies for more than 20 years. During this same time, I was also a mother to two, adult children and a wife. I am not here to give advice. I want to inspire. This is the reason why my E-book contains practical knowledge from my life. I share the things that I personally have gone through during my many years of experience. No theories.



I would never allow myself to give advice to someone on how they should live or how they should deal with something. We all act differently when placed in different situations. However, I would be glad to share my experiences, which could inspire someone, who is in the process of making a choice about their personal path, because I know it can be difficult sometimes.

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