Balance in life

I am a mother of two adult, university students and the wife of a wonderful husband. I danced competitively while at grammar school and I was an aerobics instructor and studied health education at my university. I do yoga. I go often to the theater and to art exhibitions. I try to take care of my house and garden - it is relaxing for me. I don’t often do everything. Because I am also a woman in a leadership role. My work both makes me happy and fulfills my needs. I love my job. I dedicate a substantial part of my life to my work. But I am not a workaholic. I could focus just on work, but I would then burn out quickly. I would lose contact with my surroundings, destroy relationships, loose friends, and mainly inspiration, creativity and in the end, I would be able to handle less things at work.

Mental balance is important, even at work. You can tell by a person’s body language how they feel and probably what they are thinking about. And if somebody should be a strong leader and an authentic person, who should motivate and lead others, then that person should have a balanced personality. The kind of person, that others can trust and who they can lean on. Spending time on activities that are relaxing for you isn’t a waste of time, but instead a piece of the whole. A long-term investment into one’s self, which can even be felt by others. In order for others to like me, I have to like myself first. A wise man said that.

I don’t want to give anyone advise. It’s not possible. We all act differently when placed in different situations. This is the reason my E-book contains practical knowledge from my life. I share my opinions in this book. Opinions, which I have gained due to long term experience, which I lived through myself. No theories.

Why balance is important in life. Mental balance is important. Even for work. You can tell by a person’s body language how they feel and probably what they are thinking about.

Why it’s important to make mistakes in life. It can be difficult for a person when they aren’t perfect. But it is good to let yourself and even others make mistakes - but to also learn something from them.

Why physical activity is important for our lives. We want to be both physically and mentally healthy, look good and live a long life - but how can this be done?