Is it normal to drag out the work day, even as far as to two in the morning?

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Supposedly this is quite common in certain fields, but that doesn’t make it right. This can happen as an exception, but after, the employees should have the possibility to rest.

This isn’t something that can be kept up for a long time without some loss of performance, attention and then the quality of the work suffers. It is very easy to get sick because of this and to also burnout quickly. It strikes me that something in companies such as this just isn’t alright. To be an employee, I would wonder about if the number of employees answers the amount of work given. If this given number of people can handle everything and if I am effectively making good use of all my tools – technology, people, time, whether the employees understand the work given to them or not and whether or not a debate and consensus over the solution has taken place. Whether the employees are happy or not and if they are not spending time sharing grievances while outside on smoke breaks. And so forth…...

From the long-term point of view, having such an approach as this can be fatal in today’s day. There is the risk that not every submission will be quality work and that will have an effect on the company's reputation. But, above all else, I would be scared that I might lose a good employee. Due to there being high competition, there are few good people. And plus, it is important for most young people to live a quality life and to not work themselves to death or to destroy their family or health.