What people appreciate at work

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In MF Dnes (Youth Front Today) 6. 6. 2016, they wrote about flexibility and open communication. That financial motivation is no longer enough for employees. And also, that a strong company culture separates the capable from the incapable.

Today's companies are faced with the insufficient motivation of employees and a shortage in leadership. This is the outcome according to the research performed by the company, Deloitte, which discovered trends in leading employees within the new working world in 106 different countries.

This trend proves to be true in practice! The change in the culture of a company and in leadership must go up from here. Leaders need to listen and search elsewhere for new forms of motivating employees. Not just satisfaction, but motivation!

Other than flexibility (work life balance) and open communication and also participation in the creation of strategies, the possibility to educate one’s self and so forth. The possibility to bring one's children or dog to work from time to time has proven itself to me, along with the option to be able to take care of something during work hours. And the biggest success was a New Year's lunch and a weekend on bicycles with the partners and a contribution made to any education. Also, free management days during the year.

I believe that companies should adapt to new trends in their field as fast as possible. At the very least, because the, so called, generation Y and Z are coming, and they simply require a new approach. And that is good. Supposedly this pushes the limits of mental communication in a company, which is enhanced by every generation….