What the role for women in management is like

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Currently, there are two ways of leading people, which are being spoken about – management a leadership. Both are necessary and they shape together. It is important to be able to tell when which of these two is better suited for a certain situation. I see classic management as being more of a directive way of leading, as they say, “the boss is always right and is not allowed to make any mistakes.” I use this style in situations where there is a bigger problem, and everyone expects me to deal with it.

Today's workers are different than those in the past. Mainly the younger generation. They are no longer motivated only by money. They are often well educated, they are self-confident, they can speak different languages, they no longer want to spend most of their time at work and they want to devote their time to their family and also to themselves. They are willing to risk more. They change occupations easier and they follow along quickly with the development of technology. In today's day it is no longer easy to force people to do something or to categorized them. It is necessary to identify their strong suits and use them for the company as well as for the employees’ development. To satisfy both sides.

The leading trend on how to lead people today is more so leadership than management. Leading by example, making good use of emotions, empathy, listening, motivation, feedback, the possibility to learn from one's mistakes, the participation of all employees to reach a result, the ability to recognize one’s own mistakes, accept other opinions and to make compromises. It is a very effective way when everything is going right but can be very taxing on the energy and communicative skills of others. It is good to be flexible, creative, to know how to communicate, to know how to act constructively with other people with mutual respect. I say that there is no need for me to demonstrate my victory over someone else, but there is a need for me to get to the goals, which we set. Workers really appreciate it when they feel trust and when they have space and time to realize their tasks. And also, responsibility. Feeling like they are clearly contributing in the desired outcome.

I believe that women have the attributes, which are very favorable for leadership. Most know how to listen, they don't push for their opinion at any cost and are willing to put forth the effort to speak. They are empathetic and sensitive. I am not saying that men don’t have these attributes and I also know that, unfortunately, some women try to emulate men and end up repressing their own feminine characteristics. It is too bad. Women like this lose the advantages, which nature has given them.

But, on the other hand, there are some areas that men are just better in. And that is the ideal situation. When a woman in a leadership position can give room to one of her colleagues. He will surely appreciate this and will respect the woman for her attributes and skills, which he himself does not have. I have described my own experience...