Why the boss should regularly walk around through the company and speak with the employees

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It is often more for raising the employee’s motivation than it is to raise the money made. They will see your true interest in them, and your effort given to lead objectively and your solutions for any current problems. Boss's often only theoretically proclaim interest in their employees as one of the values of the company. It is probably difficult for employees to believe that they are the most important to the company, when nobody is ever actually interested in their opinions. Just having regular, formal meetings between superiors and subordinates in the boss’ office isn’t enough. People feel surer in their own work area. The superior will also have the chance to find out very valuable, practical information about how the company works and if there are any problems. Or if something is bothering someone in private and they need support.

I often run into the situation that bosses only receive information indirectly for their team leaders and this information can be distorted for various reasons. Whether intentionally or thanks to the incorrect understanding of a situation. This path does not uncover its self in time, similar like with small issues, which can gradually grow by big proportions and have an influence of the operation of the entire company, the satisfaction of the employees and can even have economic consequences.

I remind my managers that it is important for them to dedicate time to their subordinates rather than just stay at their own desks and fulfill their tasks as soon as possible. I do this in hopes that their subordinates don’t end up leaving due to the disinterest of a boss or because of poor leadership. Managers alone, without their subordinates have a hard time handling their tasks. And this works the same way around, as well...