Cleaning strengthens health

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In “Respekt”, number 21/2016 they write on this topic. I am happy to be quoting a book written by a female, Japanese author, by the name of Kondo. I recommend this book on my website, because it spoke very strongly to me.

Supposedly, there is growing scientific evidence that the condition of our homes has a fundamental influence on our feelings of overall happiness. I would even venture to add that the environment in which we live has a larger influence on our souls than we think. This also has to do with the people around us. This is why there are places where I don’t go and people who I try to avoid.

These places and people take energy away from me. I’ve avoided many things, that no longer make me happy and that I haven’t needed for a long time. The house has been cleaned and I do not spend time and energy constantly straightening out any objects, hoping to make them fit better.

My acquired time is better spent towards much more pleasant activities….