Why I don’t make decisions for someone else, when it is not necessary

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Once, my son said to me that, he doesn’t need advice, but someone to listen. This helped me to think about my style of leading my employees.

I try to listen and periodically answer how I would solve this issue, should the person ask. I see my role as creating the conditions that can be used so that my child or my employee can succeed in deciding on their own and finding the path that is best for them. And in the case of employees, I create the conditions that would lead to the success of the company and to the necessary, positive outcome.

I wouldn’t want to make decisions for my children. I wouldn’t be able to live with the feeling that they aren’t happy, because they are living according to my decisions. I think it is better to live as a good example….

Even when I was young, I refused the advice of my mother, even when it meant falling flat on my face.

Children often say “no, I can do it alone!” While out for walks with my dog, I pay attention to the differences between parents while they play sports with their children. Several parents let their small children ride down the hill on their bikes, while others yell at their children to get off and walk their bikes down the same hill. The children, who were allowed to ride down the hill are very happy. Happy that they achieved in something, even though they fell from time to time and were scrapped up. The other children look timid.

I am not evaluating what is good and what is bad. Instead, I think that a combination of both is necessary. And especially a combination that does not involve any of the yelling.