Back pain

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I heard on the radio that back pain is the second most common reason for someone to not be able to work. While listening to this, an experience of my own came to mind of several reasons, why this is true:

When I was a student to a trainer of health physical education, I was often met with the reactions of people’s back pain to changes to their psychic – for example, stress and anxiety are manifested by a change in body posture and an uneven load (slight bowing or bending, forward stretched shoulders, pulled up to the ears, insufficiently deep breathing, loose shoulder blades, loosened abdominal muscles). This can all be taken care of by offsetting them with exercising, yoga and relaxation.

Our backs will also hurt if we sit all day on improper chairs without stretching.

Strength training at the fitness center without stretching is also bad for your back. And bad footwear, mainly high heels that are too high, flip-flops and ballerina shoes shouldn’t be worn at all. Once someone told me that the position of the foot and ankle indicates the position of the other joints above them. Supposedly “...when things below are angled askew, it will continue on to your spine and all the way to your head...”. It sounds logical...

It also occurred to me that back pain is used often as an excuse by employees, when, for whatever reason, they don’t want to work. It sounds something like. “… oh, my back's got me again…”. It is difficult to prove and each of us needs to take care of it alone.