How do I take care of my body?

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People often ask me how it is possible that I am so slim and have so much energy. I am 165 centimeters tall. I weigh 55-57 kilos and I seem pretty slender.

I'm not on any diets. I believe that when a person at least keeps some principles of a healthy life style, they can feel healthy and fit for a pretty long time. But, even here I can’t exaggerate too much. Extremes can actually hurt the body.

I eat often, 5x a day at least. I would never leave of house in the morning without having had breakfast. Mostly oat flakes with yogurt.

I get up at 6 a.m. every morning and I go on a walk for one hour with our retriever. I walk fast. Actually, the dog is taking me out for a walk. People sometimes make fun of me for this, but I don’t mind. I have a better figure thanks to it. It wakes me up nicely and it is beautiful for the soul. Many brilliant thoughts come to me right when I’m out walking. And to make sure that I don’t forget, I write a text message to myself…I also pay attention to the nature and I meet up with my neighbors, which is something that would never be possible due to my work load.

I do yoga at least 2x a week. I sometimes go to my friend's for yoga weekends. I sometimes go swimming, biking, skiing, skating or to water aerobics. But I enjoy going on hikes and long walks the most.

I go to the sauna, cosmetics and Thai massages from time to time.

I read that the healthiest foods are salmon, potatoes, dark chocolate, broccoli, avocados, lemons, walnuts, garlic, spinach and legumes. I like to eat all of these, but other things as well. I often eat fish and sushi, cheeses, mostly goat cheese, mozzarella, white yogurt, tomatoes and melons. I don't eat a lot of meat, especially not beef, smoked meats or any canned meats. I don't drink any sweetened drinks. I like coffee, ginger and herbal teas with honey and occasionally white wine. But I like apricots and avocados the most. And dark bread.

I really like to treat myself with sweets. I love Easter cakes and braided sweet bread, with nuts and raisins. And sour cherries in chocolate. And “after eight” ice cream with chocolate.

I try to not take medicines if it is possible. I only do when it is absolutely necessary. I avoid vitamins and food supplements in the form on tablets. Sometime before I learned that I get can get my vitamins from food, because they are easier to absorb, and you can’t overdose.

I go for a regular, preventative checkup once a year. And to the dentist. For a bit of a service check. I say that it is better to find out about some illness sooner than later. Then there is greater hope that I will heal.

I try to not work myself to death and I always think about how I am learning thanks to my work - that stress, little rest, cold and viral infections, smoke and not enough vitamins - mainly vitamin D - can lead to a very serious sicknesses, or even to scattered sclerosis.

I still need to work on - getting more sleep and drinking more water. It is important for your complexion, kidneys, brain, eyes, blood vessels, everything....

Do you also have something that you should be working on so that you can be “healthy and beautiful” for a long time? :-)