Why I wear dresses to work in the summer

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Until now, I had two big reasons why I wouldn't wear dresses in summer, and I would instead wear a pantsuit. The cold in the entire, air-conditioned building (and even in my office) and untanned legs turn green when cold. I actually don’t tan very well and plus, it isn’t healthy. I didn’t want to wear nylons, because I would die from the heat outside. I didn't enjoy dressing up for a very long time. And self-tanning creams cause stains that can’t be washed out later.

This has been taken care of. The building is no longer so freezing, because I arranged the set temperature in the main office to something that I recommended, and I bought an amazing product. Magica BB Corpo, BB leg cream from the company, Collistar. Fragrant and chemical free (paraben free). I look tan. I am no longer embarrassed by the pasty color of my skin and, most importantly, I now wear all my beautiful summer dresses. And don’t worry, Collistar is not paying me to advertise for them! I am very glad that they have helped to make my life more pleasant!