In what way does taking care of your body benefit the soul and mind?

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We what to be physically and spiritually healthy. We want to look good and live a long life. Most of us probably think mainly about our inner appearance and we invest money into food supplements, medicines and cosmetics. Experts remind us that moving more and gaining energy and endorphins help to benefit us much more. Not only as a defense against stress. An article written by Dr. Pavel Stejskal about walking interested me. He wrote that people continuously exercise on machines at the fitness center, but they are forgetting about natural movement, like just normal walking. That's what we say about health problems, because walking remains irreplaceable in some ways. Supposedly walking prevents many lifestyle diseases, for example diabetes, heart and vascular problems and osteoporosis. Walking, as well as other movements, contributes to good fitness and a better mood, it adds energy. All of this is visible from the outside and contributes to our satisfaction and to the positive impact we have on our environment.