How to better your figure in a natural way

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I discovered that in the past few years, that my figure has changed a bit - my legs slimmed down, and my butt became firmer. I don’t do any special exercises, but the woman working at the rehabilitation center said that is because I walk a lot. On walks with my dog, on the stairs and on hikes. Only when I am able to, because I spend a lot of the time sitting at work.

I was thinking about how it is in the office with employees walking, when we participated in an international competition based on this topic, at work. Groups of employees competed amongst themselves with who could get the highest number of steps. We used pedometers to count our steps. I found out that when I go on a walk with my dog every day and when I walk to work, I walked 16,000 steps. On weekends, which included walking around the house and garden, I walked as many as 30,000 steps.

People who only drive to and from work, walked around 3,000 steps.

It is written that, for our health, we should all walk at least 10,000 steps a day. All of us who have jobs where you are mostly sitting should think about what our situation is like when it comes to walking. And more walking could result in a better figure for us, women!