How should I accept criticism?

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Accepting criticism is never easy. And it is very important how it is formed. I like the phrase, feedback, more. These forms are different - feedback is the expression of feelings thanks to the behavior of someone else and is a constructive recommendation with the goal to help that person towards positive change. I consider criticism to be more of a reprimand given by non-diplomatic communication, which threatens the possibility of conflict. I think that there should be a definite difference between these two forms. In private, but especially at work, if we want to build good relationships and a positive atmosphere.

Then how should I accept criticism? Request the form of constructive feedback. For a reasonable statement and explanation. Then, thank them for feedback and ponder it. Think about how this feedback came to be and what you should change. Don’t defend yourself from the attack.

If I think that the criticism is unfounded, I then ask for a meeting and then I state my facts and opinions, without using any emotion. It is important to leave some time for yourself to think it all over. Don’t try to rashly handle the situation while you are still feeling the influences of your negative emotions.