People in their fifties are back in management

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An article in the magazine, Euro (number 24/2016, author Pavel Páral) came out under the title, Fifties are back, with a subheading, which read: the young are moving forward, the old are taking their place….

I would be more specific: People in their fifties, who have matured and grown wiser have gained a point of view. Not those, who were not successful due to their own bad behavior toward others.

The article states that experience, loyalty, long standing contacts and many other aspects are not just invited, but for achieving success, are indispensable additions.

I absolutely agree. And not only because I have the same way of thinking thanks to my own life experience. I would maybe not have any advice in certain situations had I not lived through something similar myself. Experiences carry lessons for us to learn from our own mistakes, better than anything else.

People conduct leading in the form of leadership and the boss, who doesn't accept this, decreases their probability of success. This can cause the boss problems in the future, due to a dysfunctional team. In order for someone to be a good leader, they should have definite skills and attributes. Some are born with it, some learn it, but the the most valuable are those who got it through experiences. It is a bit of an art to be able to push away your own ego and accept the opinion of someone else, recognize the mistake, and apologize or praise that other person publicly. Negotiate, motivate, help your subordinate to find their talents and to not be afraid that they will feel threatened. Know how to negotiate and communicate constructively, don’t try to be right at all costs, be humble while also being aware of your values and strong suits, lead your people by example.

The ability to accept people onto the team, who are more capable or more experienced than the leader is, to not be afraid that the employee is going to try to steal their spot, and to see the benefit of such an employee for the company. That is probably the most important. For this to happen, it is necessary to know your own value and strong suits, which have already been building for some time now. Of course, it is necessary to have a vision for the future and to think up a strategy, how to realize this vision. For this, it is good to know a lot about the given field.

I know from my own experiences how well I am able to lead my employees thanks to my experiences from raising children and being in a relationship, from interpersonal relationships and solving conflicts and dealing with people of various typologies. I have experienced various life complications and failures. I had to reconcile myself with them or solve them. Gradually I figured out what was and wasn’t important. I classified my life values and received specific humbleness thanks to that realization. All of this took a long time, but I think that the results are longer lasting.

Somehow, the period of gaining experiences can’t be skipped over or even sped up very much. I am not at all saying that young people can’t be wise. On the contrary, many are very wise and educated. They have well-realized life values and they want to live a purposeful life. They are only missing real experiences. And so, it is necessary for a leader to be a person of maturity. In order for this leader to not disappoint these people, to also be able to create a motivational feeling of well-being at the workplace. The place where they support the creativity of the soul and the employees’ desire for cooperative success. Also, so the leader can be able to show by their own example that it is good to recognize one’s values. That this brings success to everyone. And mainly so that the leader can lead their employees in hopes of some of them also becoming good leaders one day.

I cherish young people very much. Young people who are educated and who try hard. Most young people have knowledge and skills that we, who are older, don’t have. They also very often have higher conditions regarding their quality of life and good life values. The combination of a mature leader with young people can provide the ideal coverage for all the things that a company could need to be successful today. It is only necessary that they respect one another.